Artificial Intelligence to Analyze Threat and Risks in Global Business

Artificial Intelligence to Analyze Threat and Risks in Global Business
28 Nov 2017 by Global Chamber

Until recently, methods to identify global risks with data have been misunderstood and underutilized. Using data visualization and artificial  intelligence to provide predictive analytics is now possible because of advances in both technology and new understandings of threat and risk. The resulting product helps NGO’s, businesses and governments create conditions for people to live secure, healthy, and fulfilled lives.

Global risks have become increasingly complex for organizations due to rapid changes in society and technology. These challenges are further complicated by worldwide issues like climate change, mass migration, food and water security. Threats to business and government are now stacked in complex ways. Easy visualizations are needed to help decision-makers cut through the noise.  

Global Chamber® Denver member, Lynx Global Intelligence,  states that businesses can learn by artificial intelligence by combining readily accessible, structured and unstructured data inputs like:

- Internal Organization Data

- Open Source Political Risk, Economic Other External Data

- Social Media Sentiment and Web Scraping

All these forms the Risk Dashboard Visualization / A.I. Deep Learning

Read HERE full information about how A.I. can help you mitigate global risks and how the Lynx Dashboard Visualization works.