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    The world’s most profitable organizations understand their level of success is directly linked to the quality of their team in both knowledge and performance. Never in history have executives, sales teams and business owners needed to know more and do more to be successful. The knowledge and accountability necessary to be competitive and take performance to record heights has never been greater. The Global Chamber places a high priority on ensuring its members receive the best training and coaching available to further their success and believes the Business Success Series aligns with that value.


    Jim Hall - Business Coach

    During his 23 years in the banking industry, Jim Hall has worked with countless clients on their business lending and cash management needs.  He now puts that experience to work as a FocalPoint Business Coach, investor, advisor, and partner in several small business ventures ranging from craft breweries to software.  Jim woks with business owners, executives and team leaders to identify, prioritize and implement action plans to achieve greater levels of success and satisfaction in their lives.  Jim believes that “Better Businesses equals Stronger Communities.”

    Gary Horvath – Economist

    For more than 25 years Gary Horvath has directed and conducted business, economic and market research that has informed decision makers for state and local government, economic development and the private sector. His work has run the gamut, ranging from a roadmap for nanotechnology to multiple studies that evaluated the educational, economic and workforce assets of the state’s 64 counties. Gary currently serves on the Board of Directors for the Colorado Industry Association, Adams County Economic Development and The Economic Development Council of Colorado.



    DATE: April 12, 2016

    1. Goal Setting: The Foundation for Success - Take the steps necessary to uncover, determine, plan and achieve more than you ever thought possible.

    DATE: May 10, 2016

    2. Strategic Planning - Determine the key steps in the strategic planning process to ensure your business activities line up with your goals.

    DATE: June 14, 2016

    3. Time Management - Ensure your daily activities align with what's most important in your business and your life.



    $30/session for Global Chamber Members

    $50/session for Non-Global Chamber members



  • 03 Feb 2016 by Jeffrey Campos

    Global Chamber seeks individuals in active engagement on our volunteer committee. It is only through the involvement of our community that we are able to successfully build and implement programs and initiatives to meet the needs of businesses community overall. Our first Volunteer Committee meeting will be held on February 16, 2016 at 5:30

    Meet our Co Chairs:

    Wyndi Skillrud, partners with executives in domestic and international companies to find them the best and brightest talent across the globe.
    When she’s not recruiting or studying for her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology, she likes to take a new class, brush up on her French, or travel with friends and family.

    Sara Leiser, has held various positions in sales, marketing, and leadership for global companies in supply chain and technology, bringing to the Chamber expertise in alliances and management consulting. An active member in the community, she volunteers for Denver Children’s Hospital and Denver Public Radio. Her passions include travel, writing, hiking, cooking, and Pilates.

  • 03 Feb 2016 by Jeffrey Campos


    If you want your business to remain competitive, consider the opportunities for increased production efficiency and a wider reach by doing business beyond the United States. Going global allows you to tap into a marketplace of more than 7 billion people and enjoy additional advantages that lead to business growth.

    First of all, what does “being global,” mean? 

    Being global is having an international outlook, an awareness of other nations beyond your own borders and the opportunities, which lie therein. Furthermore, it is appreciating that our worlds no longer cease at geographical borders and rather gel seamlessly into one another. Our lives are too short to put restrictions on our ability to enjoy and reap the countless benefits from all that are out there by confining ourselves to outdated and artificial boundaries. When there exists such a depth and breadth of potential opportunities and experiences, it is absurd not to grasp them with both hands. We are more connected than ever before thanks to advancements in communications technology, speed and ease of travel between nations, the reduction and removal of trade barriers and the growth of the Internet. This has all, in turn; contributed to a greater recognition that being internationally aware can add so much more to our lives.

    So why should I be global?

    In short because it will change your life. Having international exposure can, should and almost certainly will change the direction of your future - for the better.

    How does this translate to my business?

    As an Executive Director of Global Chamber Denver, I am part of an organization, which represents and supports the interests of businesses not just nationally but anywhere they want to operate. One of our key functions is to support and help businesses realize their ambitions to become an international trader. Whether it comes from international market insight or simply putting you in front of the right people, the Global Chamber can provide you and your business with everything you need to turn your ambitions into international trading realities.

    There is no question about it, having an ambition to become global and actually following through with it are two very different entities. Leaving your comfort zone to begin trading in a market on the other side of the world must seem daunting. The risks and challenges involved are undoubtedly greater. However, there are countless success stories of organizations that have done just this.

    Final points

    Through being brave and becoming global, you can become bigger, better and bolder. You can grow and you can learn things about yourself and your organization that you never really knew before. Take this chance to expand your horizons and explore the countless opportunities and challenges that are waiting; opportunities and challenges that will test you, amaze you but ultimately, make you.

    So…. what’s stopping you?

    Jeffrey Campos

    Executive Director Denver